Thursday, October 28, 2004

Democracy in Action

I sent two e-mails to MP's in Canadian parliament with an attached petition.

Today, we had a really nice speech at the Canadian Embassy by the Canadian Embassador. They had a reception for us. I will write later
Here is a reply I received!

Ms. Stronach wanted me to pass along to you the following motion that was passed with unanimous consent in the House.


By unanimous consent, it was resolved, — That, in the opinion of this House, the government should impress upon the Government of the Ukraine the need to ensure a fully transparent election process by: (a) providing free access for Ukrainian and international election observers, multiparty representation on all election commissions, unimpeded access by all parties and candidates to the media, freedom of candidates and media from intimidation or harassment, a transparent process for complaint and appeals through electoral commissions and the courts; (b) guaranteeing election monitors from the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, other participating States of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Ukrainian political parties, candidates’ representatives, non-governmental organizations, and other private institutions and organizations, both foreign and domestic; and (c) providing unobstructed access to all aspects of the election process for the Ukrainian presidential election of October 31, 2004, and a potential second round election on November 21, 2004. (Private Members' Business M-156)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Powerful Thoughts!!!

This is an aside to the previous writing but I just read the tanslation published by the Vatican on June 26th 2000, the Text of the Third Secret of Fatima. This was a vision revealed to three shepherd children at Cove da Iria-Fatima on July 13, 1917

Perhaps I am overly obsessed with my mission to be part of a spiritual battle going on in Ukraine under the umrella of a political elction. But why do I somehow feel that this vision could be happening in Ukraine although a spiritaul friend is convinced that this will be a global event. I think it could be but i feel that it is starting in Ukraine and is perhaps the beginning of something larger!

I am constantly reminded that Jesus comes to us in all forms….I learned this phrase from this same inspirational friend. Then I think of a mortal like Yushchenko….hmmm! then I read the words below!

I write in Obedience to you, my God…………………………………………………….
Before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city (Kyiv)
half in ruins and half trembling with halted ( tired) step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, (weak from poisoning,)
he prayed for the corpses he met on the way; having reached the top of the mountain,
on his knees at the foot of the big Cross, he was killed by a group of soldiers who
fire bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after the other
Bishops, Priests, Men and women Religious, and various laypeople of different ranks )
and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs
and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.

This might not be the vision that Fatima meant… but I see her vision through my eyes and many “good people” meaning religious, spiritual, not necessarily “Bishops”…only symbolically Bishops.

I go back to my thought about Christ coming to us in different forms and through people. This I relate to Yushchenko ...not saying he is God...but him symbolizing God only in refernce :"the Holy Father"

“spiritual leaders”there died one after the other..."

I leave the completion of this page up to God! It is the Will of God!

Mysticism and Worldly Possessions


I was thinking about our discussion on the monetary aspect of spiritualism that I brought up the other day. I suggested that there was nothing wrong with making money honestly and using it in a beneficial way to help others.
Some may say, “What has money to do with spiritualism. A true mystic would give up all his ‘worldly possessions and follow his search for true ‘peace’”
I want to share a story to support my belief…which may be slightly opposite to those beliefs represented by most mystics. You must keep in mind the strong passion that I have for a country that historically has been ripped apart by other nations, religious differences kings and queens and oligarchic rulers, past and present. Today this represents evil, money hungry and self indulgent followers of the dark side! I have to explain this political situation for you to understand the heart behind the second story that follows and points that I will attempt to make!
Today there is a battle going on in Ukraine under the ‘umbrella of a national election’. My own interest began as an interested party….and an approved “election observer” due to my heritage or biological motherland and a desire to supporting a truly democratic vote in a country that was supposed to be ‘democratic’ 12 years ago. Instead, people in positions of power have taken advantage and the evil began. Corruption, stealing and killing ……all became a norm for that struggle and maintenance of monetary power...which you despise and label ‘worldly possessions’.
Over the past few months, what was to be just a unification of Ukrainians all over the world in support of a fair and honest election has turned into a unification battleground of good vs evil. God’s forces and generals have taken over this fight. Simple peasants and city folk… millions of them, who had totally given up and could only see one form of government as no different than the current, today speak nothing but the of evil of one leader vs the goodness of the other!
Things began happening and my belief is that anything that evolves…..good or bad…is part of God’s plan. How can the attempted murder of an opposition candidate be good? Victor Yushchenko was allegedly poisoned after attending dinner at the home of a head of state official. He became acutely ill and was taken from one doctor to another and assessed as having the ‘flu’. A team of Austrian doctors have confirmed that had he waited two more days to go to Austria..he would have died. He remains paralyzed on one half of his face and the effects of some ‘chemical used in biological warfare’ are still in his system making him look almost grotesque! (But didn’t “Beauty” learn to love the “Beast” when she saw his goodness!)
These same peasants and other populous that feared losing jobs that paid them $100 a month, or students not getting grades if they did not support the evil Yankovich, (the current government’s chosen candidate) only a few weeks ago were too scared to vote or to vote differently than demanded by the present system and others didn’t think their voice would make a difference. One must understand the political power that current government held over the police, judges, the courts, factories and schools and the ‘magna internations’ of Ukraine. One must also be aware of the fact that this very government is the same that called all the children out in a parade on May 1st, just days after the Chornobyl disaster, to lie to the world that the reactor explosion was no big deal! (Many of those children have died of cancer!) My girlfriend. Solomia was hidden by her dad. Yet the one scientist that could have stopped this was given a 25 year prison sentence for attempting to disobey an order.
Victor Yushchenko has missed months of his campaigning time in hospitals. The only independent TV station, channel 5 has been banned from giving Yushchenko coverage. Power failures etc. have also interfered with uncovering the truth to the people. When Yshcnenko was occasionally give two minutes of TV time, he accidently got cut off for commercials or an interrupted news bulletin about Yanokovich… not just once! This did not stop the motion of what was to follow! Like a snowball effect, internet e-mails, newspapers and new internet web-sites evolved. Even pressure arose from other countries….. Canada, US and European countries as well as threats from NATO to run a fair election. This ‘word of mouth’ from thousands like myself has changed the picture for 46,000,000 people. You once said that God comes to us through various means, e-mails, TV etc. In a matter of weeks the evil forces in Ukraine are being challenged with God’s help.
Four months ago, bored … I opened a junk e-mail to visit a site to meet/gain…. an internet companion. I was quite content in my single state, despite my son’s concern that I should look for a companion friend. Hmm! Internet friend…..I was safe to keep my single status if this future mate lived far away and thus perhaps I could find someone willing to listen to my woes and territorial battles of my children so I chose an English speaking pen pal in Eastern Europe …quite safely far away! This one person, Volodymyr caught my attention. He had the first name of one of our greatest kings…
We corresponded on a light social level and gradually our e-mail….mine anyway….was filled with passion!
I am not talking the love passion that one might expect to develop or encounter on a ‘meet your companion site’ but a passion for the same cause… this time it was mainly a political cause and Bruce this is why you were not open to further discussions, other than wishing me luck! Ironically this man is not even Ukrainian and yet we shared something strong. I kept sending him news bulletins that might inform him of things that the people there were kept in the dark about. He casually mentioned that he forwarded this to friends, other professors and students. I was a little reserved as I really did not know who he was other than a music professor in a large city….which I will not mention to protect him at this time. He would politely thank me with musical “thank you cards” saying very little. (So much for being able to dump on someone!!) For all I knew he could be one of the oligarchic campaign mangers! Only yesterday I began receiving results of what I had sent him for months. He also informed me that besides being occupied writing a Theses on a cultural aspect of Ukraine, he was heading one of the investigation committee for a poisoning incident that I will describe below.
Ironically it started with poisoning of Yushchenko and then the comical egg incident which became the humorous side of this battle…I guess God has a sense of humor as well!
To take the attention off the opposition candidate, Yanokovich staged his own assassination attempt! During a campaign visit to a town……with international cameras filming this fiasco. Yanokovich was apparently hit in the head with a flying projectile. He was rushed to a hospital where he remained in intensive care for three days.
Slow motion film by foreign international cameras showed that he was hit in the shoulder with a flying egg. This became the turning point in the battle…an egg symbolizing rebirth, life….has ironically become the slow death of evil in Ukraine brought about upon himself and the new life and hope that God has suddenly brought to the people of Ukraine. “Assasination Eggs” became the new restaurant’s menu. New internet games within 24 hours….zapping Yanokovich’s ‘egg head’ running on spider legs (guarded by militia) “with a flying egg” hitting the guards… a very non-violent game.
This was my turning point in the realization that this was not a political battle we were fighting.
This incident began the revival of faith in God that many people had given up on and the same people that allowed the evilness of the system consume them without a fight. Instead of turning to God, they turned to the bottle: 25% of men became alcoholics, virgins became prostitutes, 2000 children under the age of 10 live in dangerous streets of Odessa and one in three youth between the ages of 15 and 22 suffers from aids. Could anyone but the Devil, steal newborns from the bosoms of their mother and sell the babies as body parts to Italy. Only the devil could accept these body organs…being the middle man or the recipient!
Could anyone but God change this picture?
Suddenly the evil past of Yanokovich has been uncovered and his past criminal records are public knowledge (any candidate has to have a clean criminal record yet he still runs for president).
Criminals in Politics: Yanukovych should be isolated from societyFrom: "Committee" <>

October 7, 2004
Member of the committee "Citizens Against Criminals in Politics" and People's Deputy of Ukraine Hryhoriy Omelchenko spoke in the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) on October 6:
[a]fter undergoing punishment in prison Yanukovych did not step onto the path of rehabilitation and remains dangerous to society and a person who should be isolated from society.
Once again I remind you that I have received sufficiently well-grounded information, and now it may be said accurate information, that Mr. Yanukovych was first sentenced for robbery and sentenced for the second time for inflicting injuries of medium severity and both times he was punished by being sentenced to prison.
After serving his terms Yanukovych again committed a serious crime and with a group of persons viciously beat up and raped a woman, but bought off the victim and the criminal case on the incident was closed. In the police documents it is noted that Yanukovych organized a group of bandits which rampaged in the city of Yenakiyeve and at night people were afraid to walk into their buildings - he grabbed purses containing three karbovantsi from women, war and work veterans, tore earrings worth 10 karbovantsi live from the ears of girls.
Later when he worked as the director of an automotive enterprise, he was brought to criminal responsibility for stealing state property in particularly large amounts. At the time of the commission of this crime the Criminal Code prescribed the death penalty. But he was saved from this punishment by a former People's Deputy of Ukraine and astronaut Heorhiy Berehoviy.
Now everyone understands why Yanukovych does not answer our People's Deputy queries. It is because he is afraid that voters will know the whole truth about his prison terms, that in the past he was a robber, a thief, a rapist ? and that his hands are bloodied from the vicious beatings delivered to people and given such circumstances he will never be elected President of Ukraine.

Ukraine has always been usually a peaceful society. The Cossacks were the first known guards of the people. Today we celebrate the dances representing their contribution in earlier centuries and they remain in the heart of most people of Ukrainian decent. In my own grandmother’s time, she remembers a group of Romanians, barefoot (no boots) in winter with just animal skins under their feet marching into the Bukovena area of western Ukraine and claiming for Romania part of Ukraine with no resistance from the surprised peasants,. Thus the map changed to this day!
The very descendants and neighbors of these same people that placidly looked on, now are waking up both in the villages and in the cities. This week when Victor Yushchenko returned from his second hospitalization in Austria, he stopped in Lviv to meet his people. Some 100,000 turned out for his support, crying his name ‘Yushchenko! Yushchenko!’ over and over again. Ironically the same day, Yanokovich bribed students to come out in a rally with free porridge and free vodka. He only had 500 supposed supporters and when the cameras asked some students that since they were at this rally were they voting for Yanokovich, their reply was, “hell no”. The cameras were quickly turned off!
As recently as yesterday I received an e-mail of something that initially shocked me. There were three photos attached to this e-mail. Now keep in mind that this describes the current battle in Ukraine…good vs evil! These are new slogans against the evil Yanokovich that are spreading in Ukraine and also they were from a region that traditionally has been pro-Yanokovich
The first one was the most shocking…a topless girl…thought at first, my intellectual gentleman…my friend Volodymyr was showing his spunkier side! Once I read the caption…I knew the point behind the picture. It read, “I vote for Yanokovich because: “I have no shame”
The second one is a photo of an election booth! A well dressed sly cheery faced Oligarch, leading the Yanokovich campaign, is followed by a poor looking citizen in a ragged tea shirt who in turn is followed by an armed guard towards an election box. One must understand that to be a candidate, one has to collect 500,000 votes. This is an actual photo…not a cartoon! The caption states, “voting for Yanokovich”.
To add to this 500,000 vote story, it is still hard to explain how Yanokovich managed to collect 450,000 signatures in Russian from Ukrainian citizens that immigrated there whereas registered Ukrainians in Russia only total about 200,000. Nevertheless, I go on.
The last photo was a pictue of Yanokovich holding a shovelful of dirt and the caption under that states, ”Vote, because: ‘this is what I will cover Ukraine with”
My last point I make involves a group called PORA, that somehow got my e-mail number. I believe it was related to a free ad that I put in a Ukrainian paper. under the Help Wanted ad. Please note the “Subject Line”…a little messy …
but I had to keep deleting words to get 200 characters. I tried three times to delete the ad to rewrite it only to find it repeated three times…
in the name of the Father……..HMMM!
Subject: Egg Consumers
Posted: Mon Oct 11 14:59:12 2004
Name: NatalieEmail: natalie.l@rogers.comPhone: Description: VOTERS :VOTE!!! Qualifications: MUST.. - hate corruption and bribes.-ignore all threats! -your vote is a secret! - "hens", Observers WILL BE SITTING ON THEIR EGGS AND ON ELECTION NIGHT THE EGGS WILL HATCH! "EGG" is God's symbol of rebirth and new life in Ukraine.
(Observers , in this case are a group of 1500 people from all over the world that will monitor the elections to try to make sure the elections are fair and not corrupted). There are 30,000 polling stations so we can only count on God to be in the other 28,500 stations
Back to the PORA story. I asked my dear and close friend Solomia about this group. Her response was such:
I know about PORA and have known for a long time. Mirosich - an activist form former Yugoslavia, who helped downing Miloshevich was helping them train and organize. Similar youth activists groups were created in Georgia and were instrumental in the "velvet revolution" there last November, now Ukraine. He was deported from Kyiv airport right after landing a couple days ago without any official explanation by exception of him being " a threat to the state" - a threat to those in power in Ukraine, rather. No kidding. But his deeds live and PORA are one of the best groups for youth activists now, one of most effective too.
The PORA , I now recognize, as the traveling “egg show” that appeared before the Ukrainian parliament.This was making fun of Yanokovich.

Thus Bruce, this brings me back to the spiritual side of this letter and the whole election and the “egg symbol’” which again, I say represents rebirth, life and goodness. I have no idea as to the outcome of the elections but regardless, I see this whole battle as not a battle between two political candidates but a major battle of God vs the Devil! I see that if Yushchenko wins, then that is the beginning of new life in Ukraine and the beginning of a process to wipe out evil. If the elections are rigged, there will be some revolt, unfortunately some battles. This goes against your quote re American involvement in Iraq over a year ago…’that fighting for peace is like fornicating for chastity’. This is not an “American battle for peace” but only using the word “peace” as I have used it lately…meaning ‘finding God’.
Today, I remain as willing participant, an approved, non-partisan International Observer”. As you can see I have no political affiliations…. Guess why God is not sending me!...I have been know to stretch the truth!
Despite my effort, next to banging my head against the wall, I have not been able to come up the money necessary to partake in this miracle transformation that will happen in Ukraine. The old car that I tried to sell…I can’t even get the hood up to charge the battery. All sponsorships both by our Canadian federal government and all Ukrainian organizations have been used up and I believe even the strike of our government holding my income tax return, are all signs that my work must be done from Canada. I even need a formal statement from “striking” Revenue Canada to get a line of credit on my house…all attempts have failed and I should be flying out next Sunday! (I have to listen to God when he tells me it is not my turn to go
Ironically, I need the very symbol ‘money’, that you look down upon with disgust as something representing our worldly ways. I began this letter….not to get passionate about the situation I describes above but to share with you that ALL MONEY IS NOT EVIL AND IT CAN BE USED FOR THE GOOD OF SOCIETY. )
It is only used wrongly by evil men…so if its use is for good intentions, there is nothing wrong with it. Therefore what is wrong if you or anyone having earning potential wants to live and spend it in a way that is right for that particular individual. In your case it would pay for your pilgrimage walks, walking sticks and religious books etc.
This brings me to part two of my letter and how a man has used his fortune to help others. This might not necessarily have warmed the hearts of readers unless they read the above story. I came to writing what is below to help a graduate student get a scholarship…one of many that this man, Peter Jacyk has left behind. I simply wanted to share this lower part of the page and somehow I came up with the above manuscript.
The Legend of Peter Jacyk

Peter Jasyk was a neighbor of mine about 20 years ago. He came to Canada with little and worked hard in his new country. Ironically he got fired from a Ukrainian store that I believe he started with partners. They are still in operation today! This did not turn him bitter or against all Ukrainians.
“one of the significant hurdles of our personal healing is forgiveness……
and these feelings are replaced with ‘love’….for all and everyone”
(seem to recall these as your words!)
He then made a little money from other jobs and bought up a small farm. Soon he bought up more farms, all with hard earned money. God blessed him and knew what a good man he was as God must have known what he would do with his estate!
The farms that he bought became developed and all that land became prime land (Tomkin and Dixie area) in the town of Mississauga. Peter lived a humble life and drove the oldest car on the street yet he previously owned half the land of the town. We had been to his home may times for dinner and his hospitality was that of any ‘countryman’…friendly, yet not lavish! He was a warm kind individual and humble man that never flaunted his gift. He was ‘gently patriot’, loved his homeland and Canada and cherished children which he believed to be the building block of all society. He was very highly educated in Ukraine and he respected and encouraged education. It was an honour to have known such a good man.
He “walked his talk”. Peter Jacyk set up a scholarship program in Ukraine whereby he would live to see his dream for the children. He donated each year, a substantial scholarship to children of Ukraine that excelled in the purification of the Ukrainian language (peviously destroyed by the Russification of the last century). In Ukraine this meant survival of that child’s family, and a guarantee of a high education. (to families in Ukraine it was like winning a lottery) Young children strive for years with their families, teachers and schools to take part in this competition. Nothing gave him greater pleasure than to come up on stage and give a young child a plaque and huge cheque for efforts in the studies of the Ukrainian language. His fund continues after his death. He died leaving a huge estate…I have no idea of the value! Prombank Investments continues to grow and influence projects like I mentioned above and below.
He then donated a million dollars to the translations of The History Series of Ukraine. The University of Manitoba Slavic department matched by doubling this amount. Thus we now have three volumes translationed of a precious history series that has been preserved through Russification and two world wars.
So, I would say that Peter Jacyk has done more for the promotion and education of the Ukrainian culture and language than any other other Ukrainian in history and through his sponsorship of scholarships has helped student like I mentioned above as well as other educational programs. He has made all his money honestly and has used it to his direction in where he thought it would help people of his heritage. God gave him the means to purchase part of his earth so that Peter Jasyk could spread good seeds throughout this civilization that too often forgets to reap what God has given us and instead it uses God’s gifts for self gratification, self worship, creation of jealousy and hatred as well as weapons of mass destruction. Where will all of the latter lead us? What does give us hope is the changes we personally are blessed to witness….i.e….spiritual changes in Ukraine (and other countries will follow) and the ‘Peter Jacyks’ of the world!